Five Great Gift Ideas for Dad this Fathers Day

Bronze horse and chariot table lamp

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought to have a look amongst our treasures and come up with five ideas to inspire you.

Why five? Because in traditional Chinese culture five means the Five Blessings that includes a very long and virtuous life filled with happiness and good health.

Enjoy our take on the Five Blessings as you think about what to get your own special Dad. Click on an image to take you to that product page.

Bronze horse and chariot table lamp

We’re all spending more time at home these days so it’s a great opportunity to lift the decor. Here is a bold handmade table lamp that features a a bronze horse and chariot. It’s a faithful copy of the original that traces its history to the First Emperor 2500 years ago.

Like all of our lamps the wooden base is individually made to suit the body. The shade is handmade using high quality linen.

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Bronze horse and chariot table lamp

Green glazed porcelain bowl

A decor inspiration is the this handmade porcelain bowl by Barry and Gosia Jackson, the artists behind Rainchair Ceramics. Located in the quiet idyll of Tanja on the NSW south coast, Barry and Gosia create a variety of sculptural and art pieces. Bowls like this can stand alone as art or take on a useful function for a floral display.

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Where Clouds Meet Snow, Lake Wakatipu by Chrissie Lloyd

Bring a room to life with an original work of art. Chrissie Lloyd is an established artist receiving wide acclaim for her landscapes.

For Chrissie, gazing across Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown is always inspirational. As described by Chrissie, this painting depicts the mid afternoon light as the clouds fall gently over the snow capped mountains. A small boat had disturbed the water breaking the depth of shadow from the southern shoreline and the sun had intensified the reflection of the blue sky in the distant water.

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Longevity cake mould

Long Life cake mould

These moulds were used to make sweet and savoury delicacies and enjoyed at birthday and wedding celebrations as well as auspicious festivals throughout the year.

This particular item is in the shape of a peach. The peach is a very popular symbol of long life. Its symbolism stems from the legend of Xi Wangmu or Queen Mother of the West, who lived in the mountains and had a peach orchard where the trees took 3,000 years to mature and the fruit another 3,000 years to ripen. Whoever was invited to eat the fruit would live for over 1,000 years.

As if that wasn’t enough to wish Dad a long life, the mould also has the character “shou” inscribed on it which means long life.

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Canberra by Tarli Bird

For Canberra lovers, here is something very special. Tarli Bird creates artworks that reflect the vibrancy of the environment.

This particular work is a hand printed screen print of a map of Canberra. Tarli has added embroidery to the print showing the connection between Canberra’s north and south.

Tarli can do personalised commissions. So for example if you have a favourite walking or cycling trail then this could be incorporated.

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Tarli Bird_Canberra_detail_hhg