A Road Home – Podcast with Living Arts Canberra

Living Arts Canberra Podcast Canberra

Barbie Robinson speaks with Valentyna Crane and Jennifer Baird

Last week Humble House gallery had a visit from Living Arts to discuss the works included in “A Road Home”.

Each of these artists speaks through her works of a passion for the land on which we live, delighting in its brilliant hues and sensory invitations. – Barbie Robinson, Living Arts Canbera

Artist Jennifer Baird and Barbie Robinson

Valentyna Crane and Barbie Robinson Podcast Interview - Exhibition 2021

Artist Valentyna Crane and Barbie Robinson

Thank you for your time last week Barbie, we enjoyed speaking with you.

A Road Home” by Elena Bozhko Marshell, Jennifer Baird and Valentyna Crane Officially Opens 2pm Saturday March 13, 2021, All Welcome.