Classic Canberra by Sally Dunbar

Canberra Bus Scene by Sally Dunbar

Australian National Gallery by Sally DunbarSally is a local Canberra artist. Her works are a combination of collage, painting and drawing. She is inspired by the natural beauty of Canberra along with its iconic buildings, institutions and features. In Sally’s own words “Canberra is such a unique city and I find I have this love/hate relationship with it, but there is no doubt I have my “Canberra moments” in awe of its beauty. I have tried to capture iconic places, landscapes and people throughout this body of work and if you live in Canberra I believe you will have an instant connection to these artworks and if you don’t, I’m sure you will still enjoy them.”

Sally was recently interviewed by Barbie Robinson from Living Arts Canberra. You can listen to the interview Classic Canberra