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A sincere fun way to show your love without breaking the bank


Chinese cake mould

You’re enjoying dinner and you can’t stop smiling. Your daughter rang in the morning to say she’s getting married and it’s a dream come true because you love her partner and think it’s a perfect match. The wedding is months away and so an impromptu celebratory dinner is called for. You want to give them a small gift to show you care. After dinner you pour the coffee and bring the chocolates out.

Your daughter squeals with delight “Mum, what sort of dish is this?”

“It’s a special treat and a small gift to say how much I wish the best for both of you."


You each take a chocolate and examine the small carved wooden dish carefully. In fact it’s an early 20th century Chinese cake mould. They were filled with a mixture of dough and often a layer of sweet red bean paste or other filling. The mixture was popped out of the mould and cooked on a hot plate. The impression of the mould is seen on the cake top.

 It’s the carving that makes them special because they are filled with good wishes. This one has a double happiness character inscribed on it. This is a very popular motif seen at weddings to wish the couple a happy life together. It’s also put on wedding presents and dishes served at the wedding banquet.


Another thought.

So maybe your dad’s significant birthday is coming up. Watch a smile spread across his face with a gift wishing him long life.

This cake mould is peach shaped. There is a legend about a goddess who had a peach orchard and whoever ate the fruit lived for 1000 years. And just to emphasise the longevity wish this cake mould also has a long life character carved into it.

As you can see solid timber means it’s a gift that will last. And be used. Nuts, chocolates, jewellery or even paper clips.

Not only are they individual with great meaning, cake moulds are affordable. Want to know how affordable? Purchase here or come in for a personal visit. We look forward to seeing you.

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Asian antique
Asian antique

October 26, 2018

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March 14, 2018

Always lovely to see but now time to put mine to use – With winter circling summer here in Canberra ( yes it does ) it’s time to think about Winter foods and snacks ( chocolate ) homemade gifts or something unusual ( it does not have to be chinese ) i hope – These are a great start with spectacular detail for something seemingly humble and yet much loved .
Thanks for the inspiration Roger .

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