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Wedding cabinet with floral motifs

19th century

  • elm
  • 1020mm wide x 450mm deep x 1060mm high

A striking cabinet with contrasting open and relief carved floral motifs. The cabinet is very sturdy as it was made to be passed from one generation to the next.

The open carved medallions are peony flowers. The peony is pronounced "fugui hua" with fugui meaning wealth and honour. So the peony represents a wish for a person to study hard and be selected for official service by the emperor bringing prosperity and honour to his family.

Relief carved lotus plants are underneath symbolising long life. The longevity them continues with chrysanthemum and bamboo motifs on the sides. The drawers have plum blossom with each petal representing one of the Five Blessings of Happiness, Good health, Love of virtue, Long life and a peaceful death.