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Huang Wentao

These unique pieces of hand made porcelain have been painted by master porcelain artist, Huang Wentao. Mr Huang was born into a family with a long tradition of porcelain masters. His uncle, Huang Maijiu is a world-renowned master craftsman in the field.

Mr Huang followed the family tradition from a young age and graduated in fine arts from the Jingdezhen School of Art. His talents and personal creative style in this field have earned him a very high reputation among his peers.

His specialty is a technique of painting that has the ink squeezed from the brush tip in a precisely controlled manner without letting the brush actually touch the surface. Called “fen shui”, the technique creates five shades of blue on porcelain, from solid colour to the faintest watermark. The ink used for painting is muddy grey and the different shades are created by dilution with water. At the time of painting the subtle grey shades are almost indistinguishable. After kiln firing at 1300 degrees celsius the grey ink transforms to vivid blue shades defining lively objects. The technique is over 800 years old and is very difficult to master.

Mr Huang has won a number of awards in national artistic porcelain competitions. His pieces are highly valued among collectors both in China and overseas.