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Kathleen Rhee

Kathleen has always loved the creativity of art. In her own words “art chose me” and from the age of 15 she knew she wanted to be an artist.

Her father was an early teacher – a talented illustrator and traditional sign writer who did everything by hand. Kathleen later studied at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York and worked in the design industry. Returning to Canberra 15 tears ago she made the decision to commit to her own art.

There has been an evolution of her art over those years. Her art is an expression of her love for colour and its nuances especially as it is reflected in nature.

“I am very attached and connected to nature, here is where I find peace and I’m driven to bring that tranquility into our everyday lives.”

Kathleen uses watercolour paper and canvas with acrylic paint, ink and water. Her process is a combination of watercolour staining, sketching, painting with a brush and then applying water to soften the work and blend. Sometimes this happens immediately and sometimes it takes a few layers before the work is done. A single layer has a very crisp quality while layered work has texture and a feel of age and history.

Naturally outgoing Kathleen enjoys talking to people who love art.

“People are so interesting and different but deep down we are all very similar. I love seeing my art go to a new home because it means my work has connected with them. They will enjoy my art everyday, and I feel privileged to be part of that experience.”