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Kylie Fogarty

Artist Statement – Kylie Fogarty

“I have been infatuated with drawing from a young age. It is intrinsic to the process of my art practice. Drawing enables a simplification of subject matter, providing a catalyst for interpretation, expression, and exploration of time and place.”

Kylie engages the use of negative space, linework and a limited palette to invite consideration of her subject matter.

“I explore my responses and connection to the natural world, of which often includes cloud formations, coastal scenes, rainforests whilst narrating moments of time.”

Using expressive yet considered mark making, Kylie engages linework to depict the connections within. This love of drawing has extended into a diverse practice which includes drawing, printmaking, painting and miniature works of art.

Kylie Fogarty is a Visual Artist, who is based in Canberra. An exhibiting artist who participates regularly in group and Solo exhibitions, Kylie is a finalist in The 2018 Grace Crossington Smith Art Award and The Lyn McCrea Drawing Prize 2018.

Kylie’s works are housed in many collections, including being archived in the National Gallery of Australia in the Animalia International Print Exchange 2013 and 2015.

You can see more of Kylie's work at https://www.kyliefogarty.com/