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Michaela Laurie Efflorescence

‘Inspired by nature with a dash of whimsical imagining” is how Michaela Laurie describes her Lilliputian landscapes and meticulous Bonsai trees where tiny ladders turn molehills into mountains. Painted and drawn with a tenderness to detail, her leaves and branches seem sentient. There is no such thing as a silent tree in her world. Instead these works seem to whisper, hum and call you to enter and explore. Birds and chiming bells serenade you. Because of their intricate execution, these are scenes you want to examine in an intimate way, drawn to the hollows and tufts, studying every blade. Playing with proportion, the tiny world opens up into the grander scheme and everyday pot plants become micro forests. All you have to do is look closely.

The Bonsai Magic Collection

There are some subjects which I am continually drawn to. The Bonsai, in all its variations is one. I see each of these special trees or groves of trees, as having distinct personalities.

Bonsai Trees hold a variety of meanings for me as an artist.

  • The bonsai tree lives in a fragile environment. I see it as a reflection of our world. We must carefully tend the tree as we must our environment for it to survive and to thrive.
  • I embrace the idea of growing older like a tree. Trees become more beautiful and complex in their “personality” as they grow through the years. Home for creatures. Life events marked on their trunks. Branch and leaf growth more interesting. A story to tell.

The Faraway Trees Collection

The Faraway books by British author Enid Blyton are a part of many people’s early reading memories. We were transported to a place deep within a woodland setting where there was a tree, so old and tall, that the top of the tree reached into the sky. It was a magic tree, home to windows and doors, staircases and little lights and a host of quirky characters.

I like to believe that Faraway Trees exist in many woodland forests throughout the world which are in wilderness areas and have not been touched. Secret places which are yet to be found. When you least expect to find one, there it will be. You will know that it is a Faraway Tree instinctively if you have your heart and mind open. These trees are home to birds and animals and are older than anyone living on earth today so they will know the ways of the world – but be oblivious to them as well.