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Oriental: Art and Architecture

This exhibition features the work of our Chinese artists. Li Xinsheng is well known for his evocative ink and watercolour paintings of China's northern landscapes. Cheng Yu's figurative works skillfully executed with oil and palette knife has seen his reputation grow in his homeland China.

Juxtaposing the art are traditional carved panels. Lattice panels of individually crafted and joined pieces combine with fine detailed carving. For this exhibition we have included unique and very rare house feature carvings. These are important elements of the traditional Chinese house and contribute to the unmistakable character of Chinese architecture.

This is a rare opportunity to see contemporary Chinese art and traditional Chinese architectural pieces side by side. Li and Cheng prefer to leave it to the viewer to make their own interpretation of the art. On the other hand traditional craftsmen were less ambiguous about symbolism - assuming of course people were sufficiently educated to understand the message!

In light of the current pandemic this will be an online exhibition.