A thoughtful gift or an elegant addition to your own home, an original hand painted porcelain vase is an attractive, functional piece of art that will instantly add colour and style to any room.

Exclusive to Humble House is a limited range of handmade and painted pieces by highly regarded porcelain artists.

Featured are the creations of Wang Fangcheng. Wang is passionate about the infinite creative possibilities of the clay and the irregularity of the glaze after firing. His pieces are so tactile you just want to keep turning them over in your hands.

We also carry work by Huang Wentao. His specialty is a technique of painting that has the ink squeezed from the brush tip in a precisely controlled manner without letting the brush actually touch the surface. The technique is over 800 years old and very difficult to master. The final work depicts vivid blue shades defining lively objects.

Purchase online or come in and see for yourself these and other beautiful pieces in our Canberra gallery.