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Washbasin stand with long life motifs

Late 19th century

  • elm wood
  • 480mm wide x 400mm deep x 1700mm high

Washbasin stands were often considered a status symbol connected with ancient bathing rituals. They evolved over the centuries from being a simple piece just for a basin to being taller to hold soap and towel. The change in design meant they also became more highly decorated.

This stand has phoenix tail ends on the top crest rail. The peach blossom carving sits on top of an open carved medallion of dragons facing a long life character. The legs of the stand are finished with lotus buds.

Stands are pieces of interest to display in the home perhaps hanging a favourite textile over the fron of the stand. the basin stand is ideal for a pot of flowers or, as displayed here, a porcelain bowl with goldfish symbolising a wish for riches to come to your home.