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In a Chinese carpenter's mind, cabinets are miniature houses that must have a sense of balanced proportions and last for generation after generation. The flourishing of designs and styles over the centuries abide by this belief. Some designs are striking with their unadorned elegance highlighting their line and timber grain, whilst others use rich colours symbolising good wishes and fine paintings and carving, telling stories from popular folklore.

In our modern homes the appeal of cabinets is that their presence provides an artistic focus as well as their obvious practical use. Cabinets have a combination of drawers and shelves for storage convenience and versatility. (Browse now)









Stools were widely adopted in the house for their practicality, being primarily used as a portable seat both inside and outdoors. Another common use was as a step to reach a higher point. So the structure and joinery of the stool is designed to be weight bearing. All stools have a through transverse brace fitted under the seat using a mortise and tenon joint.

The traditional ease of use is just as relevant today. Because of their generous size, stools make excellent lounge room side tables and bedside tables. Pull two together for an instant coffee table. Being portable is an additional benefit when entertaining a large number of guests. (Browse now)










Stands were crafted for serving specific purposes, often associated with important social needs in the household.

The most common types are tea stands and plant stands.

Tea stands were one of the more formal pieces of furniture as they were generally used in the reception hall of the home. These stands were placed beside the chairs and used for serving tea and complementary treats. Tea stands often have storage compartments, such as drawers and shelves. As the chairs were mostly arranged in pairs, so too are the tea stands.

Plant stands were decorative pieces keeping in with the style of artistic interior settings. They were often seen in scholar’s homes, placed in areas of significance in the house to display bonsai plants, floral arrangements and other items of beauty.

Plant stands are generally taller and slimmer with a focus on proportion and aesthetic appeal. These pieces and more can be seen in our Fyshwick antiques gallery. (Browse now)



Tables are the centre of attention in the room. Their variety reflects a rich daily life as well as artistic and spiritual needs of the time. While some tables were made for a specific purpose and position, the majority were flexible in placement. Most tables are finished and decorated on all four sides to show their best at all times.

It is the diversity and convenience of use that keeps them continually popular today. Each table has its own unique characteristics that presents a particular appeal in a space. A table can be placed in an entry, a lounge area or a bedroom and used to suit a purpose. Moving it around the house is a way to refresh the look of a room. (Browse now)









Chairs are status symbols displaying the prestige of the owner. The designs evolved over centuries making chairs an icon of Chinese culture.

In our modern homes chairs are an adaptable piece for alternative seating. They also make a stunning interior display to add life and style to a room. (Browse now)









small items

Baskets and other pieces were used to carry fruit, vegetables grain and water as needed. Like jewelry boxes they were also often decorated with auspicious motifs. (Browse now)














The lamps are our own designs, each is a unique creation that will add light and colour to your room. The lamp bodies are handpicked artistic porcelain or bronze and the handmade linen lamp shades are customised to match the colour and style of the vessels. Lamps with wooden bases are also handmade to match. (Browse now)











A thoughtful gift or an elegant addition to your own home, an original hand painted porcelain vase is an attractive, functional piece of art that will instantly add colour and style to any room. (Browse now)












Choosing art to hang on your walls is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do to hone your personal aesthetic. Whether it’s after a relocation or renovation, moving into your first rental or moving on from low cost prints, original paintings make a house feel like a home. (Browse now)