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Small and Humble Exhibition, Humble House gallery, Gallery of Small Things

Small and Humble –  Gallery of Small Things (GOST)

Small and Humble is a special collaboration bringing together contemporary art in a traditional Chinese setting. Nine artists have been invited to participate in a group exhibition that is ‘small and humble’.

Anne Masters and Roger Carter met in 2019 through Kylie Fogarty in her role at HHg. Both businesses connected well with a mutual goal to support artists in their professional arts practices. The spaces are independently run with a focus to exhibit artists from Australia. Each gallery has unique exhibition programs with GOST having a smaller schedule compared to HHg’s year-long program. GOST is relatively new on the arts scene and will turn 3 in September this year. Humble House gallery has more than 20 years’ experience in antiques and interior décor.

Exhibiting artists from GOST at HHg: Ellen Rosalie Gunner, Amy Hick, Pia Larsen, Jacqueline Lewis, Nic Mason, Phil Page, Isobel Rayson, David Suckling, Amanda Westley

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