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GOST_HHg_Phil Page_M16 open day 2019-Studio 10_low res_photo credit M16

Phil Page graduated in architecture from the University of Newcastle, New South Wales and was awarded the University Medal and Master of Architecture.

This was followed by a career as a practicing architect in the public and private sectors with projects in many parts of Australia and overseas. This background informs and drives his painting.

His subsequent studies in the Painting Workshop at the Australian National University School of Art and Design led to the award of a Graduate Diploma in 2011 and a Doctor of Philosophy in 2019.

He has been a Studio Artist at M16 Artspace since 2017 and exhibits regularly in their gallery spaces as well as ANCA and GOST.

Phil’s paintings explore ways of incorporating layers of imagery of intangible and non-visible information to portray the urban pattern where history acts like a pictorial generator affecting compositional issues. The works contain layers of imagery made from drawn and painted lines and areas of colour, often figurative but also frequently abstracted from the patterns of the urban environment, sketchbook images and memory. Many of these memory images result from his previous architectural practice.

Phillip Page C.V.