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Karen ChappelowI’m an observer of people, culture and behaviour, it intrigues me how are all so different. I enjoy long conversations and discussions on psychology, anthropology and science with a few glasses of wine or champagne thrown in.

What we hold dear, our moral code, things we allow to control us, things we won’t allow? How are we all so different and what makes that happen, what makes us tick? It’s a crazy question and one more learned people have asked for centuries.

So, I asked a question of my peers “What do you consider a folly of man”, the responses were vastly different as you would expect, I decided to try and paint these in a cohesive pictorial way to confuse you even more than my original question.

So, what I have discovered is, the more I know, the less I know….so I hope these paintings open up some discussion about the numerous things I have referenced.

I have been glib, irreverent, hopefully humorous- as this to me is important. If people are offended that is not intended but if you are-that’s your choice and entirely subjective. The intent behind these are to create discussion and have a laugh.

I have uncovered so many more things I want to portray-so much material.  We humans are a crazy bunch, we do stupid things and I can’t wait for more!

Much love Karen

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