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Bin Chickens - Once We Were Sacred 2


  • Archival inks on textured cotton rag paper 350gsm
  • 59.4cm x 42cm high in a white frame with white mount
  • Limited Edition signed Fine Art Giclée Print 1/50 

About the artwork: 
This work lifts the status of these unpopular birds to one of majesty, usually reserved for cranes in oriental art.

Unwelcome and commonly referred to as ‘Bin Chickens’; the Sacred White Ibis is a native bird found in urban areas throughout Australia. They were rare in our cities 30 years ago, but the loss of their natural habitat has forced them into populated areas to scavenge on human rubbish.

Sometimes I look at our Ibis feeding in the Cook’s River or the wetlands at Sydney Park, and with the help of the Weeping Bottlebrush trees and water, they remind me of an oriental scene. 

The question is: Can we love them more if they are re-packaged and presented to us in a natural environment like the scene in this painting? And rather than ‘hating on our displaced wildlife’, shouldn’t we be more accountable for the destruction of the environment?