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Myrtaceae (7) by Christine Appleby


Hand-woven cotton, silk, copper and stainless steel wire, wool, mohair on MDF

29 x 18cm

Christine Appleby uses her chosen media to demonstrate the rhythms and transience of nature. While there is predictability to the natural environment, her work reveals a randomness, an unsophisticated organisation and a degree of ambiguity. She focuses on ideas of inconsistency, imperfection and irregularity, capturing the ephemeral qualities of the natural world. 

The works within this exhibition specifically look at the lines, shapes, colours and textures on the trunks of a variety of trees. Trees are individual, no two are the same. Each gum tree grows to its own rules and bends themselves the suit. These works capture a moment within the trees growth.

Image by Madi Young-Holborow