Terms and Conditions – HHg Curated Online Group Exhibitions

Set out below are the terms and conditions for participating in HHg curated Group Art Exhibitions. Please read them carefully.

Gallery Hours

Humble House gallery (HHg) is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm


Artist responsibilities

●       Pay exhibition fees

●       Provide images and text for each artwork

●       Invite collectors to the online opening

●       Promote the exhibition through links to HHg Exhibition pages on the artist’s website, social media pages and client lists

●       Keep HHg informed of any sales that have occurred direct to the artist of the art included in the online exhibition, both during the online exhibition and also during the three-month period post exhibition.


Humble House gallery responsibilities

●       Promote the exhibition through digital media

●       Promote the exhibition to the gallery’s clientele

●       Offer artworks for sale through the gallery website

●       Manage and process sales

●       Assist with arranging delivery of artwork

●       Keep artist updated with any sales or enquiries about artwork

●       Online Exhibition administration




Entry to the HHg Online Group Exhibition is $55 per artist for up to three artworks, due on successful selection. This fee covers all administration and running costs.

30% commission on all sales and commissions received during this time.

Exhibition Format – Online platform

This agreement is for participation in an Online Group Exhibition on the Humble House gallery website with a dedicated Exhibition page.


The Exhibition will be offered online on an Online Exhibition page for a period of four weeks, after such time the exhibition will be transferred to a dedicated Group Exhibition page and catalogue for a further period of three months.


So we can promote your art and make the exhibition a success you will need to provide:

●       Artist Profile Photo – Next to your works or a quality image of you working in your studio, sized at 1000 pixel x 1000 pixel

●       Artist Bio

●       Current CV

●       Artist Statement regarding the Exhibition, total of 300 words.

●       Artist statement concerning the work to be exhibited – 1-2 Sentences concerning each artwork.

●       High quality images of each artwork sized to 1000 pixel along the shortest edge

●       One nominated Artwork Image for the use in digital Invitations

●       Description of each artwork including : Title Size Medium Artwork description/influence Year Created Price

●       HHG ask that each image (between 1-2mb)  is named in the following format:


Eg KylieFogarty_IncomingSquall_MixedMedia_45x65cm_2017_$700.jpeg

Please note: Suitable high quality (1-2 MB) images of artworks in the exhibition to Humble House gallery is required for the promotion of the exhibition by Humble House gallery. In doing so you agree to grant Humble House gallery with a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive, worldwide licence to use, reproduce and adapt those images for promotional purposes only and to store those images for archival purposes. Copyright remains with the respective artist.

You must comply with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. A copy is available at https://www.legislation.act.gov.au/View/a/2011-35/current/PDF/2011-35.PDF

Please discuss the details of anything that may cause harm to visitors in the gallery. Work that may cause physical injury or likely to offend needs to be approved by Humble House gallery. Suitable signage is the responsibility of the artist.

Artworks are hung by a hanging system or as discussed with Humble House gallery. If heavier fixings are required you will be liable for the cost of repair. You should discuss this with the gallery manager prior to hanging.

Opening Times

Online Exhibition openings are held on Thursday nights at 8pm.

Exhibition closing

You are responsible for keeping the gallery updated on any sales or commissions during the period of the Exhibition plus the three months post exhibition. We ask that works included in the exhibition be exhibited with HHg only until the total four month period is over.

Health and Safety

While this is an online exhibition you must still comply with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. A copy is available at https://www.legislation.act.gov.au/View/a/2011-35/current/PDF/2011-35.PDF

Your artwork must be ready to hang using art gallery standard hanging materials appropriate for the size and weight of the artwork. You will be responsible for any costs incurred by a collector associated with hanging and/or damage as a result of unsuitable hanging materials. This may also include the cost of rehanging and shipping the artwork.

Humble House gallery reserves the right to request that some/all of the works removed should the overall presence detract from the image of the gallery as a professional exhibition space.

Insurance and liability

Humble House gallery has Public Liability Insurance. All other insurance is your responsibility, including works in transit and other artwork insurance.



All sales transactions must be processed through the gallery with proceeds banked into the gallery’s business bank account. Artwork can be purchased using Visa, Mastercard, debit card, cheque or cash. Humble House does not accept Amex or Diners Card.

Deposits can be placed with the balance paid prior to the exhibition closing.

Online sales are processed through the website’s ecommerce facility.

All sold works are to be delivered to the collector directly from the artist’s studio. HHg will assist in organising a courier for this purpose.

Delivery of sold works

The gallery will notify the artist of sold work for collection by a courier, the collector or their agent. Humble House gallery will contact the collectors to arrange delivery of the sold works.


Humble House gallery charges 30% on all sales plus commissions during the exhibition.

The artist is responsible for ensuring that any exhibiting artist represented by a gallery, that is not Humble House gallery, has permission from that representing gallery to exhibit at Humble House gallery. Any share of commission due to the representing gallery and to Humble House gallery will be negotiated by the artist, Humble House gallery and the representing gallery.

Exhibition Group Participation Fees

The Online Group participation fees are $55 for up to three works, due on successful selection. Please do not pay this fee until accepted into the Exhibition.

You will receive a receipt for the Entry payment.


Humble House gallery will reconcile sales and pay you within 30 days from the date of cessation of the exhibition for the total amount collected less commission fees of 30%.

Artists who sell their artwork during the exhibition will receive a Tax Invoice / Receipt from Humble House gallery stating the exhibition, exhibition dates, title of artwork, sales price, commission price and the collectors name (for documentary purposes only). If permission has been granted by the collector for the artist to contact them directly, a contact email will also be provided.


Should you need to cancel your participation in the Online Group Exhibition, you must notify Humble House gallery in writing.

Refunds of the Group Exhibition participation fee will be provided when we are notified up to two weeks prior the exhibition opening.


For any enquiries regarding the above information, please contact exhibitionmanager@humblehouse.com.au