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Humble House gallery is home to Australia’s largest collection of Chinese antique furniture. We personally collected each piece of furniture sourced from different provinces in China. The furniture is then systematically conserved and restored in our own workshop. We guarantee the furniture will give you many years of service.

Our large relaxed Canberra showroom is a perfect setting for the furniture. Take your time to walk around; see how it will look in your home.

The history of Chinese antique furniture is long and rich. Go to the upstairs museum and see examples of 18th to 20th century date marked furniture. You will also appreciate the high level of craftsmanship of this remarkable furniture style.

Antique storage

Grain basket


Chinese antique furniture

Ming style lute table


Chinese antique furniture

Ming style wine table


Antique storage

Small grain measure


Chinese antique furniture

Three drawer table with openwork carving


Chinese antique furniture

Two drawer kang table