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We have an extensive range of antique and contemporary decor pieces to style your home.

Antique window and carved panels are three-dimensional art. Beautifully made, their underlying symbolism highlights rich traditions with universal and timeless messages of goodwill.

Our very own range of table lamps add mood and atmosphere. Choose from ancient or modern styles and get the room looking just right.

Antique baskets and buckets are a great way to add accent to the home, especially when grouped together!

And, of course we have gorgeous Australian and international art in our dedicated art gallery. Paintings and ceramics are natural partners so use them to create a setting.

Separately, or in combination, our antique and contemporary decor pieces will complement an existing style. Or mix and match to create your own individual aesthetic.


Porcelain table lamps

Blue flowers table lamp


Bronze table lamps

Bronze owls table lamp


Pottery table lamps

Desert Sands pottery table lamp


Pottery table lamps

Free form pottery table lamp