Terms and Conditions – HHg Art Program

 Set out below are the Terms and Conditions for the Humble House gallery Art Program exhibitions.

Please read them carefully.


HHg Gallery Map

Upstairs gallery



Ground floor galleries
Ground floor galleries











Humble House gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm

Exhibition openings are Saturday 2pm – 4pm unless otherwise arranged.


Artist responsibilities

  • Pay exhibition fees
  • Provide images and text for each artwork
  • Curate and install the artworks
  • Invite collectors to the opening
  • Attend the opening
  • Promote the exhibition through the artist’s website, social media pages and client lists
  • Take down artworks at the close of the exhibition and arrange delivery of sold works

Humble House gallery responsibilities

  • Promote the exhibition through digital media
  • Promote the exhibition to the gallery’s clientele
  • Offer artworks for sale through the gallery website
  • Assist with curating and installing artwork
  • Provide invitations and individual artwork labels
  • Assist with the exhibition opening
  • Provide  drinks, canapes and glassware for the opening
  • Staff the exhibition on a daily basis
  • Manage and process sales
  • Assist with removing artworks
  • Assist with arranging delivery of artwork




30% commission on all sales

Upstairs gallery hire is $750 for a 4 week hire.

Ground floor rooms are $250 each for a 4 week hire.

50/50 split between gallery and artist on advertising (currently approx. $450 each)


Humble House is committed to making each exhibition as successful as possible. Promotion of the exhibition will include some or all of the following activities:

  • Published on the gallery’s website
  • Promotion through the gallery’s social media pages including Instagram and Facebook
  • An enewsletter is sent to the gallery’s subscribers informing them about the exhibition and inviting them to the opening
  • Information to local publications and arts journalists. While we endeavour to obtain the best coverage possible for your exhibition, we cannot guarantee inclusion or media coverage by third parties.
  • Advertising with costs split 50/50 as agreed between the artist and the gallery. In 2024 we are advertising with Canberra Weekly, ¼ page ad ¼ page editorial, inclusion in What’s On, additional ¼ page ad and a digital inclusion is approx. $900 total (about $450 each).
  • Promotion through other relevant online platforms


So we can promote your art and make the exhibition a success you will need to provide:


The artist will provide a digital catalogue of the exhibition in the following format no later than 3 weeks before the opening.

Word document in Arial 12 font

Title page: This includes the name of the exhibition, the artist’s name and a lead image.

Artist bio: Information about the artist and background information about the exhibition.

Thumbnail image of each artwork

Title: e.g. Green Flowers at Daybreak

Price: e.g. $2500

Media: e.g. Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: e.g 75 cm H x 67cm W

Year: e.g. 2023

Frame: e.g. White timber frame with glass

Artist Statement for each artwork (If applicable) A  brief paragraph about the individual artwork.

This catalogue is used for preview distribution via email to potential collectors. It is the base document for listing the exhibition on the website, therefore the format and font is important to undertake these tasks efficiently.

Large Images

In addition to the thumbnails for the catalogue high quality images of 1-3MB of each artwork is required. Also supply 1 image of the artist either in their studio or near an artwork. Please note that these images are processed through Adobe so they are a small size when they are on the website.

These are to be supplied no later than 3 weeks before the opening.

In providing images you agree to grant Humble House gallery with a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, non-exclusive, worldwide licence to use, reproduce and adapt those images for promotional purposes only and to store those images for archival purposes. Copyright remains with the respective artist.

Free Shipping

Please note the gallery offers free shipping within Australia for artworks. This is consistent with other art websites. You may wish to consider including a shipping fee into the selling price of the artwork based on where most of your interstate customers come from e.g. Canberra to Sydney. Note that free shipping is not just for online sales, it is also available for personal shoppers who want the artwork delivered interstate.


The gallery will design and pay for 250 DL size invitations. A draft will be provided to the artist for their approval. Additional invitations are at the artist’s expense.

To produce the invitation we need:

Image of 1 artwork (1 – 3MB)

Image of artist in studio (1-3MB)

Title of exhibition

Paragraph about the theme of the exhibition and artist background

To allow time for drafting and printing the images and text are required 6 weeks before the opening.

Artwork labels

Humble House gallery will provide artwork labels. The label will include the title of the work, artist name, size, media and price. Labels will match the catalogue.

Room sheet

The gallery will prepare and print room sheets if required. This will list the title, media, dimensions and price for each work.

Bump In

Art is to be delivered to the gallery 2 weeks before the opening. The gallery and the artist will curate and hang the exhibition. Artworks are hung by a hanging system or as discussed with the gallery. If heavier fixings are required the artist will be liable for the cost of repair. You should discuss this with the gallery prior to hanging.

Please discuss the details of anything that may cause harm to visitors in the gallery. Work that may cause physical injury or likely to offend must be approved by the gallery. Suitable signage is the responsibility of the artist.

Work Health and Safety

You must comply with the requirements of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. A copy is available at https://www.legislation.act.gov.au/View/a/2011-35/current/PDF/2011-35.PDF

Please discuss the details of anything that may cause harm to visitors in the gallery. Work that may cause physical injury or likely to offend needs to be approved by Humble House gallery. Suitable signage is the responsibility of the artist.

Artworks are hung by a hanging system or as discussed with Humble House gallery.

Humble House gallery reserves the right to request that some/all of the works be re-hung or removed should the overall presence detract from the image of the gallery as a professional exhibition space.

Exhibition Opening

Exhibition openings are Saturday 2pm – 4pm unless otherwise arranged. The gallery manager will gather guests together and make a few opening remarks before introducing the person opening the exhibition.

The artist may invite a speaker to open the exhibition and/or open the exhibition themselves.

Your clients are your best followers and represent the best chances for sales. Consider whether to invite a select number to the opening or invite everyone on your mailing list. Discuss numbers with the gallery manager along with parking for those less mobile.

The gallery will provide red and white wine and water.

The gallery provides canapes. The gallery can decide at its own discretion not to provide food if public health concerns such as COVID 19 are present.

We also ask you to assist clean up at the end of the opening.

Exhibition running

You will need to actively promote the exhibition throughout the event. This includes listing it on your website and social media pages. Discuss with the Exhibition Manager if you know of other media outlets willing to promote the exhibition.

Exhibition closing

You are responsible for the removal of all work at the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition is to be taken down after 4pm on the last Sunday or the following Wednesday of the exhibition closing dates.

If damage has occurred to the gallery walls it is the artist’s responsibility to address the damages, at the artist’s expense.

If artwork is not collected within 6 weeks, it will become the property of Humble House gallery to donate to charity at the gallery’s discretion.

Gallery staffing

Humble House gallery staff will look after your exhibition after the opening. We will meet and greet customers, show them the exhibition and provide information about the art. You are also very welcome to sit at your exhibition.

Insurance and liability

Humble House gallery has Public Liability Insurance. All other insurance is your responsibility, including works in transit and other artwork insurance.

Humble House gallery will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any works, art or property which you bring onto the premises during the installation, exhibition or deinstallation period.

Humble House gallery is not responsible for expenses incurred by the exhibitor, any claims made against the exhibitor as a result of the exhibitor’s use of the gallery, or injury or damage caused by unsafe practices during installation or de-installation.


All sales transactions must be processed through the gallery with proceeds banked into the gallery’s business bank account. Artwork can be purchased using Visa, Mastercard, debit card, cheque or cash. Humble House does not accept Amex or Diners Card.

Deposits can be placed with the balance paid prior to the exhibition closing.

Online sales are processed through the website’s ecommerce facility.

All sold works are to be collected from the gallery on the last day of the exhibition or as arranged with the exhibition manager. No work (sold or unsold) may be left in the gallery after the exhibition closes, unless arranged with the exhibition manager.

Delivery of sold works and return of unsold works 

The gallery will label sold work for collection by the collector or their agent. Humble House gallery will contact the collectors asking them to collect their purchase.

The gallery may, at its discretion deliver sold works. The fee would normally be paid by the collector. Humble House retains the full delivery fee.

Unsold works will be returned to the artist in the same packaging as the works were delivered to the gallery at the artist’s cost.


Humble House gallery charges 30% on all sales during the exhibition.

The artist is responsible for ensuring that any exhibiting artist represented by a gallery, that is not Humble House gallery, has permission from that representing gallery to exhibit at Humble House gallery. Any share of commission due to the representing gallery and to Humble House gallery will be negotiated by the artist, Humble House gallery and the representing gallery.

Exhibition fee

The gallery hire fees are as noted above.

Once you have been advised that your application to exhibit has been approved and a date for your exhibition has been set:

  • You will need to pay the hire fee 2 months before your exhibition opening.

You will receive a receipt for payment.


Humble House gallery will reconcile sales and pay you within 30 days from the date of cessation of the exhibition for the total amount collected less commission fees of 30%.

Artists who sell their artwork during the exhibition will receive a Tax Invoice / Receipt from Humble House gallery stating the exhibition, exhibition dates, title of artwork, sales price, commission price and the collectors name (for documentary purposes only). If permission has been granted by the collector for the artist to contact them directly, a contact email will also be provided.


Should you cancel your exhibition, you must notify Humble House gallery in writing.

Refunds of the gallery hire deposit payment will be subject to the following conditions:

A full refund will be provided if written advice of your cancellation is received more than 6 weeks before the commencement of your exhibition.

A partial refund of 50% will be provided if written advice of your cancellation is received more than 4 but less than 6 weeks before the commencement of your exhibition.

No refund will be provided for cancellations within 4 weeks of the commencement of your exhibition.


Feel free to contact us at exhibitionmanager@humblehouse.com.au