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Chinese tables are the centre of attention in the room. Their variety reflects a rich daily life as well as artistic and spiritual needs of the time. While some were made for a specific purpose and position, the majority were flexible in placement. Most tables are finished and decorated on all four sides to show their best at all times.

It is the diversity and convenience of use that keeps them continually popular today. Each design has its own unique characteristics that presents a particular appeal in a space. A table can be placed in an entry, a lounge area or a bedroom and used to suit a purpose. Moving it around the house is a way to refresh the look of a room. This is a small sample of what you will see during your visit to our antiques Canberra gallery.

Chinese antique furniture

Four drawer low table


Chinese antique furniture

Low two drawer table


Chinese antique furniture

Three drawer side table


Chinese antique furniture

Two drawer Kang table