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Oriental antique furniture and contemporary furnishings

- express your personal style with a unique décor

Since opening in 1998, Humble House has embraced traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art.
Join us and discover the stories of age-old customs, classic symbols and individual expression.

Enrich your life with

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authentic furniture, lovingly restored in our workshop original art from emerging artists in Australia and China unique handmade ceramics individually designed table lamps

“Our first visit to Humble House was in April 2006. We purchased a pair of bedside tables and have been hooked ever since. Nearly 10 years later and we now have a piece in nearly every room.

The pieces we have bring warmth and charm. They are beautiful, tactile, sturdy and functional with most in use every day. Unlike customary antiques they are timeless and complement our eclectic mix of belongings. Rather than dominating spaces the pieces meld into the environment and become a functional part of our home.”

J Dennis and D Powell