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Cassandra DoveCassandra Dove is a Canberra artist who found her way back to art after a 20-year career as a clinical social worker.  She finds inspiration in the landscape and is drawn to abstraction and mixed media. Her recent work involves reconstructing her lived experience of traveling in Japan as guided by her memory of the colours, textures and feelings she experienced whilst there.  Her creative process is fuelled by a sense of curiosity and adventure and each year brings a new evolution of painting as she follows different paths within subject matter and style.  Texture, gestural brushstrokes and mark-making can be seen throughout Cassandra’s work and are some of her favourite parts of the painting process.  Cassandra works from her studio at Gorman Arts Centre as a recipient of the Emerging Artist Residency Programme.

Her commitment to her art practice in the last two years has seen Cassandra seeking out education and opportunities to exhibit, efforts that have been a catalyst for the following achievements:

Art Education

2023, Kerry McInnis, Be Brave Workshop, Canberra Art Workshop.

2023, Maryanne Wick, Tonality Workshop, Bowral Art Gallery.

2023, Painting into Abstraction, National Art School (Sydney).

2022, Jan Cristaudo Workshop, Abstract Landscapes, Canberra Art Workshop.


Awards/ Prizes

2023 Recipient of CAPO Grant Award; All Insure Emerging Artist Award.

2023 Finalist (x 2) ACT Historic Places Art Prize.

2023 Recipient Capital Arts Emerging Artist Residency Programme (Gorman Arts Centre).

2023 Finalist Petite Pieces Prize – Aspire Gallery (Brisbane).

2022 Recipient Mavis Hall Trust Grant – Canberra Art Workshops.

Follow her art journey:

Instagram & Facebook: @cassandradoveart