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Roger Beale AO Australian Artist
Artist Roger Beale AO

Roger Beale AO is a traditional painter who is inspired by the beauty in life.

“I am a painter of life around me. That means cities, landscapes and people. The sublime glimpsed from ordinary places is important to me. But I am also interested in ideas and the history of Western art and architecture – these too find a place in my works.

I have travelled extensively for business and pleasure and a sketchbook is always close at hand. I have been privileged to meet many of Australia and the world’s political leaders, scientists and policy advisers.

I trained part time at the Queensland Technical College and with teachers including Betty and Roy Churcher, Jon Molvig, Andrew Sibley and Melville Heysom. Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr and Mervyn Moriarty were Brisbane contemporaries.”

Roger’s recent exhibition, Sun Rain Flowers at Humble House was reviewed by leading art critic Sasha Grishin. You can read Sasha’s review here Roger Beale: Sun Rain Flowers at Humble House gallery shares passion and beauty