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Humble House gallery table lamps are our own original designs.

We source the bronze, porcelain or pottery bodies from different makers as well as hand make the timber bases to suit the body. Shade designs match the lamp. High quality linen is used to hand make the shade including the shade lining.

Fine detailed copies of ancient Shang dynasty bronzes form the body of our bronze lamps. This style of lamp adds an air of sophistication to a room. The handmade glazed porcelain lamps originate from Jingdezhen the capital of porcelain production. Porcelain lamps impart a contemporary modern feel in the home. Those seeking to personalise their home with unique lighting enjoy our unique pottery lamps.

Finally we have a small number of table lamps with architectural house features as the body. We rescued these from old houses to demonstrate the beauty and craftsmanship of traditional Chinese homes.